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Comedy Downloads

Find free comedy MP3s and audio downloads from top stand-up comedians Larry Weaver, Jerry Carroll, David Ferrell, Matt Jernigan and many more. All clips Rated G for all ages unless otherwise noted.

Stand-up Comedy MP3s - Larry Weaver

Larry Weaver

Clean comedian Larry Weaver specializes in good, clean Southern comedy. As heard on Sirius/XM Blue Collar Radio, Laugh USA clean comedy, The John Boy & Billy Big Show, Big D & Bubba, Rick and Bubba, Dr. Demento, and hundreds of radio stations across America.

Right-click the link to download the MP3 or click the YouTube icon to watch the video.

Watch on YouTube Haunted Mobile Homes (5:25) redneck rehab, trailer park tornadoes, redneck ghosts, snoring, killing bugs, dating advice
Watch on YouTube Pot Luck Dinner (3:54) state fair rides, deep-fried food, pot luck, covered dish dinner, sweet tea, egg salad, the blessing 
Watch on YouTube Eating Healthy (4:38) steak houses, health food, Quaker Oats man, hernia surgery
Watch on YouTube Small Towns (3:27) small rural towns, country games, redneck July 4th, fireworks and beer, gas station restrooms, truck stops
Watch on YouTube Office Games (2:32) dirty Santa game, lunch with coworkers, cars filled with trash, passive-aggressive human resources director, embarrassing email address

Stand-up Comedy MP3s - Jerry Carroll

Jerry Carroll

Southern comedian Jerry Carroll found humor growing up on his family‚Äôs farm. Spending 14 hours a day in a tractor cab gave Jerry plenty of time to think about his life's dream of making people laugh. 

Right-click the link to download the MP3 or click the YouTube icon to watch the video.

Watch on YouTube Wife Caught a Cow Fishing (4:08) Jerry tells the true story of his wife hooking a 1200 pound Angus Bull on a Zebco fishing reel.
Watch on YouTube Redneck Tech Support (4:07) When Jerry fails to fix his home computer with a can of WD-40, he has to call tech support.
Watch on YouTube Granny Fished with a Cane Pole (1:57) Granny taught Jerry how to fish in the farm pond using a cane pole and minnows.
Watch on YouTube My Border Collie has OCD (3:20) Jerry likes to mess with people by making them think his Border Collie can unlock the door on his pickup truck. [Rated PG - mild language]

Stand-up Comedy MP3s - David Ferrell

David Ferrell

100% clean comedian David Ferrell delivers a high-energy mixture of stand-up comedy and impressions. As heard on Sirius/XM "Laugh USA", David's wholesome material is suitable for all ages and backgrounds.

Right-click the link to download the MP3 or click the YouTube icon to watch the video.

Watch on YouTube International NASCAR Drivers (3:26) NASCAR drivers might have trouble yelling out the names of International drivers.
Watch on YouTube McDonalds Drive Through (1:54) Can't understand what they're saying through the drive-through window? David has a solution.
Watch on YouTube Roadside Fruit Stands (1:28) Why does everyone who can't spell feel the need to open up a fruit stand on the side of the road?
Watch on YouTube Middle Children (3:13) Growing up poor as the middle of 5 children can be tough. You have to learn to share.
  Ford Pinto Wagon (:50) David's nephew pimped out his Pinto with loudspeakers and neon lights underneath.

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