Selected Hilarity Comedy Group

Selected Hilarity Comedy Group blended sketch, improvisation, and stand-up comedy to create a unique form of comedic entertainment.

Steven Morris Dating Video: Original UNCUT!

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"Steven Morris" does a country song parody

"Steven Morris" takes an IQ test

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About Selected Hilarity

Selected Hilarity began as five college students having fun. The guys were doing stand-up comedy around the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. They would play anywhere that people would take them: charity shows, contests, even dormitory basements and recreation rooms. Then Larry Weaver had an idea. He asked his friends Scott Brown, Bryan Tucker, Dave Drake and Andy Bagwell to form a group. Larry thought that it would be easier to play places if you had an entire hour-long show to offer instead of several disjointed segments. Soon, Selected Hilarity did its first show at an outdoor festival in Burlington, N.C.

In the next few years, the group's popularity slowly grew. Selected Hilarity played at coffee shops, used book stores and even health clubs around the Chapel Hill area. Although the guys would make some money, the main reason for performing was because it was a fun outlet for their own creativity. After all, the members were all still students and had other concerns like graduation.

Before graduation, Selected Hilarity made a tape and sent it out to several agents. After several offers of representation, the group went with DCA Productions out of New York city. With their agent's help, Selected Hilarity broke into the college market and was an immediate hit with its offbeat, high-energy style. At their very first college market showcase in Boston, they booked well over 100 shows in one day, setting a record that will likely never be broken. They started touring regularly at colleges around the country and finally quit their day jobs.

Two years later, the touring was constant. Two of the original members, Dave & Andy, left the group to spend more time with their families and pursue other interests. The other three members decided to keep the group going and put together a new show while keeping with the style that made them so original.

Selected Hilarity went on to play well over 500 shows in 35 different states. They were twice nominated for national college comedy act of the year, played the top comedy clubs across America, and inspired countless young comedians and troupes.

Group members have gone on to write for Chappelle's Show and Saturday Night Live, author books like "Duke Sucks" and "101 Funny Employee Awards", continue to tour the country as headlining comedians, and raise families. Expect new projects from Selected Hilarity for years to come.

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