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Virtual Keynote Speaker Larry Weaver

Larry Weaver excels in virtual events, combining clean humor, motivational insights, and cutting-edge technology. He creates a uniquely engaging and memorable online experience that both entertains and inspires attendees.

A Virtually Unique Online Experience

In the realm of virtual events, where keeping attendees captivated is a significant challenge, Larry Weaver emerges as a dynamic solution. As an accomplished comedian and keynote speaker, Larry specializes in transforming online meetings into an engaging, interactive journey.

Why Larry Weaver for Your Virtual Event?
  • Captivating Virtual Presence: Larry's experience in stand-up comedy and keynote speaking effortlessly translates to the digital stage, where he uses a blend of audio and visual effects to maintain high energy and audience engagement.
  • Humor Meets Message: Combining clean humor with impactful messages, Larry ensures that your attendees are not only entertained but also imbued with valuable insights. His approach counters the typical distractions of online settings, keeping your audience focused and involved.
  • Tailored for Online Challenges: Understanding the unique dynamics of virtual events, Larry's presentation is designed to overcome common pain points such as attendee fatigue and decreased interaction. His sessions are interactive, encouraging active participation and sustained interest.

Attendees leave Larry's virtual sessions not only with a smile but with practical strategies to positively impact their personal and professional lives in a digital age. His unique blend of stand-up comedy and meaningful content is seamlessly integrated, ensuring your online event is not just another meeting, but a memorable, transformative experience.

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Verifiable Reviews from Virtual Events!

Funny Emcee in Mendota, IL

Prairie State Tractor

"Larry’s message hit home on many topics from our sales meeting. We appreciated his great communication and comedic talents. His desire to communicate around our themes worked quite well. Thanks again for helping make our business meeting memorable!"
- Owner, PST Sales Meeting (Virtual)

Funny Emcee in Washington, DC

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

"Mr Larry Weaver was the perfect guest speaker for our annual event in every way. He was as friendly, positive and engaging during our initial meeting as he was on stage. My first call was returned the same day. He was punctual for every call, every email communication or video chat, and arrived early to the scheduled event to ensure everything was ready to go for the scheduled event time. Prior to our "all virtual" event, Mr, Weaver worked with me to not only understand the goals for our event, but took the time to learn about our Agency mission and activities to aid him in connecting with our employees! Mr. Weaver's performance was both professional and personal, and very funny. He seamlessly incorporated our event theme and safety messaging into his very motivational performance. He even worked our Safety mascot into his comedy From his studio he was able to deliver amazing video graphics and animations, as well as safety themed content that was visually appealing and entertaining. His creative use of the camera was commented on by many pleased participants. Mr. Weaver's performance was extremely well received. He easily won over a very tough audience, and he accomplished this in a virtual setting. This is no easy feat! There was not one negative review! As an event organizer, one is always concerned about providing great content… and Mr. Weaver more than delivered! I look forward to working with Mr. Weaver in the future. Here is a small sampling of the unanimously positive feedback: "Larry was great! Good selection for a speaker! Hope he's invited back." "This was fantastic. I enjoyed the comical way he delivered safety messages! Bring him back next year!" "Lots of great tips. He made my day a little lighter!!!" "Speaker was engaging and very informative! Funny presentation!" "Appreciated that Larry took the time to learn about NOAA and work it into his routine, it made the performance and the safety messaging really resonate. Thank you Larry""
- NOAA Safety and Environmental Compliance Office, NOAA Safety And Health Week '23 (Virtual)

Funny Emcee in Fredericton, NB

Government of New Brunswick Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

"Larry performed an online comedic act for our High School Principals’ meeting. From the outset, beginning with the initial planning, Larry proved to be very accommodating and easy to work with. He willingly met for tech rehearsals and made sure that the quality of audio/video presentation was top notch. Larry carried himself with professionalism throughout and made sure the content for the actual presentation was clean, kind-hearted and included positive messaging. Further, he recognized the need to share positive messaging and tips for self-care and kindness regardless of external circumstances. We sincerely appreciate Larry’s professionalism, including the clean but entertaining messaging, and willingness to be adaptable and accommodating to suit the needs of our institution and its members."
- Learning Specialist, Provincial Principals Meeting (Virtual)

Funny Emcee in Tempe, AZ

Salt River Project

"We recently had Larry Weaver speak at our annual Water Services Safety Summit. Not only was he well received by the audience, he was easy to work with, personable and spent extra time listening to the other speakers and interacting with the delegates. His high energy and enthusiasm were amazing. He had all 300 attendees laughing the whole time and created a very personal experience. After Larry’s presentation we received hundreds of texts and emails with how much they enjoyed Larry. You won’t be disappointed when hiring Larry for your next event."
- Planner/Scheduler, Safety Summit (Virtual)

Funny Emcee in Irvine, CA

AvalonBay Communities, Inc.

"Larry Weaver performed a virtual comedy set for our organization's Associate Appreciation event and was an AMAZING addition to our program! The professionalism of his presentation was clear right from the start and all of the effects he used with our logo, other images and even some mock awards in tandem with our appreciation elements was SPOT ON! He customized his material making it specific and relevant to our business. It was a pleasant surprise - our associates loved it! Larry was an absolute pleasure to work with - accommodating, accessible and a great attitude! I would highly recommend him for anyone looking for an entertaining SURE THING!"
- Meetings & Event Coordinator, Associate Appreciation Event (Virtual)

Funny Emcee in Wilmington, DE

Frontier Technologies, Inc

"Looking for a new way to introduce a technology webinar, we found Larry Weaver and reviewed the videos he has on his website. We hired him to do something different for this webinar and our topic was new to him: technology and healthcare sustainability but he didn’t disappoint. It is obvious that he does his homework to try and relate to the audience. His clean quick wit fit the audience and the subject and provided a new and fresh approach to this type of webinar."
- Chief of Staff, Pharmaceutical Webinar (Virtual)

Funny Emcee in Detroit, MI


"From start to finish, Larry was great! As the coordinator of the program, it's important to get it right and after the program team collaborated with Larry, and he collected all the details to make the experience relevant to the audience, he entertained us all, by making us laugh and forget about our troubles for a bit. Thank you, Larry!"
- Senior Training Specialist, Company Event (Virtual)

Funny Emcee in Columbia, SC

South Carolina Chamber of Commerce

"Larry Weaver made the most of a very unique virtual event that we held this year. We are thankful for him for providing us all with laughter in the middle of our day during some hard times."
- Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Safety Awards (Virtual)

Funny Emcee in Anderson, IN

Madison County Sheriff's Department Chaplaincy Program

"Larry Weaver is a talented comedian. Larry shared tips and recommendations that really had a huge positive impact on our virtual Fundraising event! We appreciated the joy, laughter and meaningful comedic performance of Larry Weaver especially in the midst of a global pandemic! Thank you, Larry!"
- Administrative Assistant, Fundraiser (Virtual)

Funny Emcee in Boston, MA

Raising A Reader MA

"Larry Weaver is a talented and engaging performer and comedian. Larry also shared tips and recommendations that enhanced our event and the overall experience for our attendees. Larry's professionalism and sincerity in delivering a set that was laced with our message and mission indicated that Larry took the time to tailor the set which created a deeper connection with our audience. We appreciate the joy, laughter and meaningful comedic performance of Larry Weaver. Laughter is indeed good medicine!. Thank you, Larry!"
- Director of Development, RAR-MA Winter Soiree (Virtual)

Funny Emcee in Salt Lake City, UT

American Academy of Professional Coders

"Larry Weaver was very great to work with, he provided a virtual comedy routine for our holiday party that was very entertaining. Our team had a blast and I would recommend Larry Weaver for your company gathering. He was professional, clean, and perfect for a corporate event."
- Human Resources Manager, AAPC Holiday Party (Virtual)

Funny Emcee in Vista, CA

North County Bar Association

"Larry Weaver was just what our Virtual Holiday Party needed! Be ready for tailored comedy to your group as well as stuff that makes everyone laugh, and it's clean, so no need to worry about any member's sensitivity. In this world of virtual meetings, it is necessary to mix it up and that is exactly what Larry Weaver will do for your group. He is prompt, professional and the perfect type of interactive entertainment for the virtual world. I am sure he is excellent in person, but luckily we did not have to pay for a flight or hotel - he came right to us through our Zoom channel. It was great fun!"
- Board Member, Holiday Party (Virtual)

Utah State University Extension
Prairie State Tractor
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Arizona Public Service
Salt River Project
FM Global
AvalonBay Communities, Inc.
National Association of College Auxiliary Services
Wisconsin Association of Professional Agricultural Consultants

About Virtual Speaker Larry Weaver

Larry Weaver is a standout virtual speaker, known for his exceptional ability to engage online audiences. His blend of clean humor and positive messages is expertly tailored to captivate attendees.

Larry's state-of-the-art, broadcast-quality studio, complete with ultra-fast high-speed internet and robust backup systems, is a testament to his dedication to providing uninterrupted, high-quality virtual experiences. This technical prowess guarantees a smooth and engaging presentation every time.

With a rich background in radio and television interviews, Larry brings a wealth of media experience to the digital stage. Notably, Larry has delivered virtual events to Fortune 500 companies, both nationally and internationally. His ability to tailor his presentations to diverse corporate audiences across the globe further demonstrates his versatility and appeal as a virtual speaker.

His unique fusion of humor, insightful content, and technical know-how makes him an ideal choice for events aiming to inspire, educate, and entertain in the virtual space.

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