Motivational Speaker Larry Weaver

Motivational Speaker Larry Weaver

Larry Weaver, an internationally touring keynote speaker, specializes in delivering motivational and inspirational presentations that are infused with humor. His talks focus on vital topics like attitude, health and wellness, stress reduction, resilience, change, and the role of humor in the workplace, offering valuable insights in an engaging and entertaining manner.

The Gorilla Glue Company
Engaging and Funny

"His ideas on how to manage a positive outlook and attitude were exactly what we needed because we are going through a lot of change. We will bring him back."

D.R. Horton

Michelin North America

"His jokes and positive message were very well received by our employees! We had a wide age range in our group, and everyone in the audience was laughing."

Michelin North America

Duke Energy
Top Notch

"Larry provided the perfect ending to our annual sales meeting! His humor and message was well received by our team. The feedback has been outstanding!"

Duke Envergy

Energize. Inspire. Transform. Achieve Excellence!

Larry Weaver, a seasoned professional comedian and keynote speaker, brings an exceptionally uplifting message to his audiences. Through his signature presentations, attendees not only enjoy a good laugh but also gain valuable insights, leaving them invigorated and inspired.

Larry's dynamic and interactive sessions are a blend of clean humor and compelling stories, highlighting the importance of a positive mindset in every aspect of life. He skillfully addresses vital topics such as Leadership, Customer Service, Change Management, Stress Reduction, and infusing fun into the workplace, making his presentations essential for personal and professional growth.

Key Themes of the Presentation:
  • Energy: Enhancing health and wellness through improved sleep, nutrition, and physical activity.
  • Team: Emphasizing the value of lifelong learning, fostering positive relationships, and steering clear of negativity.
  • Attitude: Cultivating gratitude, spreading kindness, and finding joy and humor in everyday moments.

This presentation is a perfect blend of stand-up comedy and meaningful content, intertwined seamlessly. Attendees will depart not only with a smile on their faces but also with renewed motivation and practical strategies to create positive impacts in their lives, both personally and professionally.

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Verifiable Reviews from RECENT Events!

Funny Emcee in Sacramento, CA

USA Properties Fund, Inc.

" Larry was great! He was funny and was able to share a personal experience that related to our company and the work that it does in the community, and I think that people were moved by that. He was very professional and entertaining and was a great way to kick off our Company Fun Day!"
- Executive Office Administrator, Corporate, 2024 Corporate Fun Day

Funny Emcee in Nashville, TN

American Medical Association Alliance

"Larry kicked off our meeting with a light, humorous presentation which was complimentary to the more serious speakers that followed. I heard great reviews from our meeting attendees and other speakers actually referred back to his comments in their presentations."
- President, 2024 AMA Alliance Annual Meeting

Funny Emcee in Gulf Shores, AL

Alabama Department of Transportation

"Larry's presentation was an inspirational ending to our ALTRANS Conference. He tailored his content to adapt to our conference theme. Our managers left the conference with uplifting and inspiring words to take back to their agencies as leaders. The comedy kept their interest, was very clean and had everyone laughing. He is truly a genuine person with a message."
- RTAP Manager, 2024 ALTRANS and TAA Conference

Funny Emcee in Fort Smith, AR

ABB Motors and Drives US

"Larry's exceptional performance truly enhanced our Learn Connect Grow conference. The feedback we received from audience members was overwhelmingly positive. His personality shone through during the performance, and his clean humor was both refreshing and entertaining. His ability to engage the audience and keep them laughing while delivering a meaningful message left a lasting impression. We would not hesitate to recommend Larry to others seeking a dynamic speaker and comedian for their events."
- Digital Tools Training Manager, 2024 Learn Connect Grow Conference

Funny Emcee in Biloxi, MS

Mississippi Workers' Compensation Educational Association

"Larry was a hit with our attendees! He is both funny and engaging. The message presented was on point and relevant to our conference. He took the time to find out who we are and what we do so that he could tailor his presentation us. We will keep Larry in our rotation!"
- Conference Chair, 2024 MWCEA Annual Spring Conference

Funny Emcee in Springfield, MO

O'Reilly Hospitality Management

"Here are a few highlights from the positive feedback to Larry's presentation: 'It was just what we needed...' 'Thank you for sharing your story! I laughed, agreed, and shed a few tears. Your message truly resonated with me…' 'Loved your presentation! Great way to make the content memorable and relatable. Thank you!'"
- Human Resources Director, 2024 OHM Leadership Meeting

Funny Emcee in Asheville, NC

Aeroflow Health

"Larry Weaver nailed it talking about a positive attitude, resiliency, and kindness! I believe this goes a long way today in the sales/business/ healthcare world. In fact, just in our daily life if you are a father, mother, friend, or coworker this is very valuable and important. I saw this many many times over the week when we were at the Summit."
- Senior Territory Manager, 2024 Annual Sales & Marketing Summit

Funny Emcee in Burlington, VT

The Vermont Agency

"From the moment we connected with Larry requesting him to speak at our event, to the final bow - Larry was not only professional and timely, but considerate and extremely easy to work with. His messaging and branding was on-point and did a wonderful job of finding a way to connect with our audience. His clean humor, and spirit were a good fit for our group, and while I cannot say we had the largest audience - he was able to connect with them on a personal note."
- Director of Marketing, 2024 TVA New Year Kick-Off

Funny Emcee in Louisville, KY

National Association of Educational Procurement - Kentucky Region

"Larry did an excellent job! Our attendees were all very pleased with his performance. Larry was very professional, very observant, and the message to his presentation was positive, motivating, and delivered on every level. I would certainly recommend Larry to any association looking for a positive, motivating message delivered through good clean humor!"
- Treasurer/Secretary, 2023 NAEP Kentucky Regional

Funny Emcee in Austin, TX

Texas Payroll Conference

"WOW -- he had the entire group the minute he started. Fun, entertaining, impactful and thoughtful. I would recommend him each and every time. Worked with our non-profit budget and delivered."
- Certified Meeting Planner, 2023 Texas Payroll Conference

Funny Emcee in Springfield, MA

Positive Regard Network

"We have multiple private schools as well as staff support in local school districts in Western Massachusetts. I was given the task of finding a motivational speaker to complete our yearly week-long training for our upcoming year. When I suggested possibly getting a comedian for the event, it was received with mixed commentary. Larry Weaver was a great find, as he advertised clean humor with a positive message. Communication with Larry made the whole process quite effortless and diminished any anxieties I may have had. On the day of the event, Larry was exceptionally professional and outstanding in his delivery. He blended key points and themes into his presentation that were previously touched upon during that week. Our mix of Teachers, Interventionist and Administrators truly enjoyed the experience."
- Employee Development Manager, 2023 School Training Event

Funny Emcee in Rogers, AR

Association of Arkansas Counties

"Larry was an outstanding luncheon speaker, blending perfectly the leadership and humor we needed at our conference. Our attendees continue to comment about his presentation and how much useful information that was taken away, with a healthy dose of comedy that left them in stitches. I highly recommend Larry for your speaking opportunities."
- Executive Director, 2023 AAC Annual Conference

Oregon Pupil Transportation Association
USA Properties Fund, Inc.
American Medical Association Alliance
Government Finance Officers of Pennsylvania
AgCarolina Farm Credit
ABB Motors and Drives US
New York Government Finance Officers' Association
Texas Grain & Feed Association
Idaho Association of Counties
The Vermont Agency
New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau
Kentucky Rural Health Association
Louisiana Farm Bureau Insurance Company
Ballston Spa National Bank
National Association of Educational Procurement - Kentucky Region
Texas Payroll Conference
Association of Arkansas Counties
Texas Pharmacy Association

About Motivational Speaker Larry Weaver

Larry Weaver stands out as a motivational speaker with his engaging blend of clean humor and positive messages.

From his humble beginnings in Saxapahaw, NC, to sharing the stage with celebrities and delivering keynotes to Fortune 500 companies, Larry's journey is a testament to his remarkable influence and reach.

A popular choice for Plenary Sessions at conferences, conventions, and corporate events, Larry excels in energizing audiences, whether opening events with a memorable bang or wrapping them up on an uplifting note. He's adept at both keynotes and interactive breakouts or workshops.

His humor, featured on platforms like Comedy Central and SiriusXM, enhances his motivational speaking like no other. Larry's ability to blend humor with impactful insights makes him a prime choice for events that aim to inspire and entertain.

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