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Government Agency Speaker Larry Weaver

Hire Clean Comedian and Funny Speaker Larry Weaver to liven up your next Government Agency event.

About Government Agency Speaker Larry Weaver

Larry is the perfect choice for your upcoming municipality meeting. Larry's dynamic presentations offer a unique blend of motivation, inspiration, and humor that will resonate with your audience.

Larry's speaking style is characterized by professionalism and interactivity, ensuring an engaging and memorable experience. He uses clean humor and relatable stories to connect with your audience, making his keynotes both informative and entertaining.

With an understanding of the challenges faced in government settings, Larry tailors his presentations to address specific needs, fostering teamwork, boosting morale, and promoting innovation.

Choose Larry Weaver as your keynote speaker and add a touch of humor and inspiration to your meeting, leaving your attendees motivated and well-prepared to tackle the tasks ahead.

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Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Hershey, PA

Municipal Motivational Speaker for GFOA-PA Annual Statewide Conference

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Gulf Shores, AL

Municipal Motivational Speaker for ALTRANS and TAA Conference

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Biloxi, MS

Municipal Motivational Speaker for MWCEA Annual Spring Conference

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Washington, DC

Municipal Virtual Comedian and Speaker for NOAA Safety And Health Week '24 (Virtual)

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Boise, ID

Municipal Motivational Speaker for IAC Midwinter Legislative Conference

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Myrtle Beach, SC

Municipal Motivational Speaker for SCAGPO Annual Forum

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Rogers, AR

Municipal Motivational Speaker for AAC Annual Conference

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in McAllen, TX

Municipal Motivational Speaker for CDCAT Summer Conference

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Cape Girardeau, MO

Municipal Motivational Speaker for Staff Meeting

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in French Lick, IN

Municipal Motivational Speaker for EPPC Conference

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Indianapolis, IN

Municipal Motivational Speaker for NASWA SIDES Seminar

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Washington, DC

Municipal Virtual Comedian and Speaker for NOAA Safety And Health Week '23 (Virtual)

Reviews from Government Agency events

Alabama Department of Transportation

"Larry's presentation was an inspirational ending to our ALTRANS Conference. He tailored his content to adapt to our conference theme. Our managers left the conference with uplifting and inspiring words to take back to their agencies as leaders. The comedy kept their interest, was very clean and had everyone laughing. He is truly a genuine person with a message."

RTAP Manager ALTRANS and TAA Conference
Mississippi Workers' Compensation Educational Association

"Larry was a hit with our attendees! He is both funny and engaging. The message presented was on point and relevant to our conference. He took the time to find out who we are and what we do so that he could tailor his presentation us. We will keep Larry in our rotation!"

Conference Chair MWCEA Annual Spring Conference
Association of Arkansas Counties

"Larry was an outstanding luncheon speaker, blending perfectly the leadership and humor we needed at our conference. Our attendees continue to comment about his presentation and how much useful information that was taken away, with a healthy dose of comedy that left them in stitches. I highly recommend Larry for your speaking opportunities."

Executive Director AAC Annual Conference
National Association of State Workforce Agencies

"Our attendees rated Larry's session 4.7 out of 5.0 which is GREAT! His pre-event communication was excellent. He was willing to take the time to hear about the attendees - their passion and the discouragement inherent in their jobs. I would recommend Larry to anyone for any kind of event. A+++"

Director NASWA SIDES Seminar
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

"Mr Larry Weaver was the perfect guest speaker for our annual event in every way. He was as friendly, positive and engaging during our initial meeting as he was on stage. My first call was returned the same day. He was punctual for every call, every email communication or video chat, and arrived early to the scheduled event to ensure everything was ready to go for the scheduled event time. Prior to our "all virtual" event, Mr, Weaver worked with me to not only understand the goals for our event, but took the time to learn about our Agency mission and activities to aid him in connecting with our employees! Mr. Weaver's performance was both professional and personal, and very funny. He seamlessly incorporated our event theme and safety messaging into his very motivational performance. He even worked our Safety mascot into his comedy… From his studio he was able to deliver amazing video graphics and animations, as well as safety themed content that was visually appealing and entertaining. His creative use of the camera was commented on by many pleased participants. Mr. Weaver's performance was extremely well received. He easily won over a very tough audience, and he accomplished this in a virtual setting. This is no easy feat! There was not one negative review! As an event organizer, one is always concerned about providing great content… and Mr. Weaver more than delivered! I look forward to working with Mr. Weaver in the future. Here is a small sampling of the unanimously positive feedback: "Larry was great! Good selection for a speaker! Hope he's invited back." "This was fantastic. I enjoyed the comical way he delivered safety messages! Bring him back next year!" "Lots of great tips. He made my day a little lighter!!!" "Speaker was engaging and very informative! Funny presentation!" "Appreciated that Larry took the time to learn about NOAA and work it into his routine, it made the performance and the safety messaging really resonate. Thank you Larry""

NOAA Safety and Environmental Compliance Office NOAA Safety And Health Week '23 (Virtual)
Virginia Department of Corrections

"It was a pleasure to have Larry Weaver speak at our recent Unit Heads' Conference. He definitely exceeded our expectations. He was at the conference hours before his presentation time and his delivery was clean, uplifting and kept the audience laughing the entire time. It was a true pleasure working with Larry. I would definitely recommend Larry for your event!"

Regional Business Manager-Central Region VA DOC State Conference
Florida Government Finance Officers Association

"Mr. Weaver was very professional!! He was easy to communicate with, showed up on time and was ready to perform. He was very aware of our time constraints we were working with and his performance was VERY well attended. He captured our audience from his first words and never let us go!! We appreciated his humor (nothing was off topic or random) and his flow of thought. He was very professional but also personal. His stories struck a chord with our attendees and his jokes very appropriate. I enjoyed his performance and would highly recommend him in the future."

Executive Assistant FGFOA Annual Conference
County & District Clerks Association of Texas

"I wanted to let you know that our evaluations came in from the conference and they indicated that they enjoyed Larry's presentation. Thank you Larry for entertaining us!"

President CDCAT Summer Conference
Missouri Veterans Home

"Larry was very prompt in booking our event with us. Each email was answered quickly which made it very easy to book with him. His communication throughout the planning process was great and his material was wonderful. He was prompt on his arrival and everything went very smoothly. Thanks for a great time and making our staff laugh. It was just the pick me up they needed."

Administrator Staff Meeting
Arlington Housing Authority

"Larry was our keynote speaker at the end of the day. He provided a positive and clean message that was relevant to our group. In advance, we provided information to Larry that we would like to be incorporated into the presentation for our group and Larry was able to cover those topics to our satisfaction. He arrived early and watched our group interaction during the presentation before him. And he was able to pull some of that content into his presentation as well which was good. Our staff enjoyed his presentation - ending our day on a good, positive note."

Admin Services Coord II All Staff Retreat
United States Postal Service

"We were honored to engage speaker Larry Weaver for our Second Annual Safety Symposium for the Greensboro District of the United States Postal Service. After researching speakers for our event, we were unanimously convinced that Larry Weaver was the right choice. We understood the gravity and importance of getting the right speaker, and the challenge of meeting the needs of our audience. Bottom line, Larry Weaver presented flawlessly, connecting all of us through his humor, personal stories, and day-to-day life applications ...Our event consisted of our Area Vice President, Area, Human Resources Manager, District Manager, Higher-Level local postal managers and postmasters, supervisors, city carriers, rural carriers, clerks, and custodians. Regardless of your rank in the organization, at the end of the day, we all can connect over humor about food, family, and frustrations. Humor is a universal antidote, breaking down barriers, and connecting us on a base level. Larry did not disappoint. I watched our District Manager from time to time, as the bar was high to make sure he was pleased. From a distance, it was obvious he was enjoying the presentation by the verbal and visual feedback he was giving. Later in speaking with him personally, he noted that Mr. Weaver was perfect for the event. Thank you Larry Weaver for being a part of our special event. It was the perfect puzzle piece to tie everything together that day for us."

Lean Safety Coordinator USPS Safety Symposium
South Carolina Association of Assessing Officials

"It was such a pleasure to have Larry Weaver at our event. His show was positive and upbeat. He was as we had hoped he would be, relaxing and engaging with the audience. Thanks again."

President SCAAO Spring Conference
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