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Healthcare Speaker Larry Weaver

Hire Clean Comedian and Funny Speaker Larry Weaver to liven up your next Healthcare event.

About Healthcare Speaker Larry Weaver

Larry is known for delivering a compelling blend of motivation, inspiration, and clean humor that resonates with healthcare audiences.

Larry's interactive and engaging speaking style captivates healthcare professionals, offering a refreshing and professional experience. His presentations are relatable and filled with humor, connecting with the unique challenges and experiences of the healthcare industry.

Audiences love Larry's positive message, and they can't get enough of his clean, industry-related humor. His latest album, "Overachiever," is a testament to his knack for weaving hilarious healthcare stories into his presentations.

Larry has an impressive track record speaking at various healthcare events, including association meetings, employee recognition, hospital board retreats, fundraisers, conferences, service awards banquets, and much more. Whether it's boosting morale, promoting teamwork, or celebrating your dedicated healthcare professionals, Larry's dynamic speaking will leave your audience inspired and entertained.

Book Larry Weaver for your healthcare event and watch your attendees leave with smiles, motivation, and a renewed sense of purpose.

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Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Nashville, TN

Healthcare Motivational Speaker for AMA Alliance Annual Meeting

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Denver, CO

Healthcare Motivational Speaker for AST State Assembly Leadership Forum

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Clyde, NC

Healthcare Motivational Speaker for HCHHSA Staff Appreciation

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Asheville, NC

Healthcare Motivational Speaker for Annual Sales & Marketing Summit

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Bowling Green, KY

Healthcare Motivational Speaker for KRHA Annual Conference

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Virginia Beach, VA

Healthcare Motivational Speaker for VAHRMM Conference

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Houston, TX

Healthcare Motivational Speaker for TPA Annual Conference

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in New York, NY

Healthcare Motivational Speaker for Emerging Voices in Dentistry

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in New York, NY

Healthcare Motivational Speaker for AHFNY Educational Symposium

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Nashville, TN

Healthcare Motivational Speaker for HEALTHCON

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in French Lick, IN

Healthcare Motivational Speaker for EPPC Conference

Comedian and Motivational Speaker in Minneapolis, MN

Healthcare Motivational Speaker for MOLN Spring Conference

Reviews from Healthcare events

American Medical Association Alliance

"Larry kicked off our meeting with a light, humorous presentation which was complimentary to the more serious speakers that followed. I heard great reviews from our meeting attendees and other speakers actually referred back to his comments in their presentations."

President AMA Alliance Annual Meeting
Aeroflow Health

"Larry Weaver nailed it talking about a positive attitude, resiliency, and kindness! I believe this goes a long way today in the sales/business/ healthcare world. In fact, just in our daily life if you are a father, mother, friend, or coworker this is very valuable and important. I saw this many many times over the week when we were at the Summit."

Senior Territory Manager Annual Sales & Marketing Summit
Association for Healthcare Foodservice New York Chapter

"Larry delivered applicable content regarding the valuable work of Registered Dietitians and Healthcare Foodservice professionals that was humorous as well as relatable. The process to secure Larry for our event was effortless. Larry was prompt and engaging with the audience and was a good choice as a keynote speaker for our event."

President Elect AHFNY Educational Symposium
Minnesota Organization of Leaders in Nursing

"The MOLN Leadership and Professional Development Conference was impressed and captivated with Larry's humor, stories, healthy living suggestions and examples. Larry really touched the hearts of the nursing leaders in the group while giving some much needed humor and silliness. I would recommend his presentation to other nursing leadership groups and thoroughly enjoyed his presentation."

Committee Chair MOLN Spring Conference
The Association for Healthcare Food Service New Jersey Chapter

"Larry was funny, engaging and the audience loved him. We received a great response. He had a positive message delivered with tasteful humor that was refreshing. His passion for wellness was genuine. I would highly recommend him."

President-Elect AHF-NJ Annual Education Seminar
Kentucky Primary Care Association

"We got great feedback from Larry's session at our Fall Conference. Attendees really loved it and it was a great message to kick off the conference. Thank you Larry!"

Assistant Director of Member Services KPCA Fall Conference
North Carolina Nurses Association

"Larry Weaver brought humor, levity and fun to nurses at our Annual Convention this year. His presentation was just the right 'medicine' at the right time!"

Director of Nursing Education and Practice NCNA Annual Convention
Prairie Health Ventures

"Larry performed at our company's annual conference and our attendees had a blast! Larry was hilarious and a breath of fresh air from start to finish. He tailored his material for our audience and because of it, our attendees felt like the experience was personalized for them and they were even more engaged. Long after Larry's performance was over, people were still laughing about his jokes and talking about how much fun they had. As the Conference Coordinator, working with him prior to the event was extremely easy and he kept me informed on every step of the booking process. I would absolutely recommend using Larry for your next event!"

Membership & Communications Coordinator Annual Meeting
Sentara Healthcare

"Larry provided a refreshing, delightful session at our Nurse Leadership meeting. He was exactly what we were seeking with wit and humorous observations on daily interactions, relationships, and the current situation. We challenged Larry to create “belly laughs” with good clean humor. Wow! did he deliver!! The room was so attentive! We didn't see anyone take their eyes away from him except to wipe away the tears from laughter! We appreciate the ease of communicating and his accountability in timeliness, confirmations, and engagement with our team. We highly recommend using Larry for your next event."

Executive Assistant Nursing Leaders Event
Haywood County Health and Human Services Agency

"Larry Weaver is a standout speaker known for his engaging personality, strong connection with audiences, and clean, uplifting humor. Attending one of his sessions, it's immediately evident that Weaver has a natural charisma that draws people in. His warm demeanor and genuine enthusiasm create an inviting atmosphere where folks feel comfortable and eager to participate."

Public Information Officer HCHHSA Staff Appreciation
Frontier Technologies, Inc

"Looking for a new way to introduce a technology webinar, we found Larry Weaver and reviewed the videos he has on his website. We hired him to do something different for this webinar and our topic was new to him: technology and healthcare sustainability but he didn’t disappoint. It is obvious that he does his homework to try and relate to the audience. His clean quick wit fit the audience and the subject and provided a new and fresh approach to this type of webinar."

Chief of Staff Pharmaceutical Webinar (Virtual)
Virginia Medical Group Management Association

"Thank you so much for being our Keynote Speaker for our conference. Your stories and humor made the group feel very at ease, and adding humor to the presentation enabled all of us to see the other side of the equation. You gave us the avenue to show how humor can be applied to our daily situations. Thank you again!!"

Vice President Virginia MGMA Spring Conference
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