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Motivational Speaker Larry Weaver

Are you looking for a speaker that’s motivational, inspirational and funny at the same time? Professional comedian and Kenan-Flagler Business School alum Larry Weaver brings an upbeat message that will encourage you and get you excited about your job again!

“The Funny Way: Lessons Learned through Laughter”

Motivational, inspirational, and funny presentation. Larry uses clean humor, funny anecdotes, and emotionally charged stories to illustrate important concepts. Each presentation is customized to your event and theme.

The presentation is half stand-up comedy and half content – seamlessly intertwined. Your audience will laugh, learn, and leave feeling refreshed.

Following the wildly successful TED Talk format, Larry covers one topic in an 18-minute segment. A typical hour presentation will cover three concepts. Best of all, you get input on which topics you’d like covered!

Choose Three Key Points to Cover:

  1. Boosting Your Creativity – be more productive, find inspiration and maximize teamwork.
  2. Improving Your Attitude – embrace change, combat stress and practice gratitude.
  3. Finding Your Motivation – strive for excellence, learn from failures and visualize success.
  4. Embracing Health and Wellness – eating healthy, exercising and moving more.
  5. Customized Topic of your Choosing – Need a specific topic expanded on or the theme of your event woven into the presentation? Just ask and we will discuss the possibilities.

Not only are the key points customizable, but the overall theme and title is, too! Recent variations on client themes include:

Order up a uniquely customized presentation specifically for your event. Call or email today to get started!

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