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Funny Love Song Lyrics

Little Debbie

Artist: Larry Weaver
CD: Everybody's Crazy But Me!!!

I’ll never forget the day we met in that grocery aisle
     I’ve never been giggly in a Piggly Wiggly but you sure made me smile.
And since that day I’ve been blown away by your sweetness, baby
     You make me holler for only a dollar, I love you so... Little Debbie.

Well, people say you’re no good for me but I don’t want to hear
     I know you’ll never break my heart
Well you might clog it up, but I don’t care.
     Cause a man can’t have too much sugar
And even though I’m getting a little heavy
     I need the thrill of your chocolate fill
I love you so, Little Debbie.

Well my heart starts to pound when I eat a Fudge Round, oh the joy it brings
     I yell “Oh lookie, it’s an Oatmeal Cookie,” it makes my tummy sing.
All I want for lunch is a Star Crunch, and I would trade my car
     For a big bowl of Swiss Cake Rolls and a Nutty Bar.

Well the doctor says your no good for me, but what does he know?
     He tells me to avoid the sweets
But he's sneaking around with his Ho-Ho.
     Hey, a man can't have too much sugar
And even though I’m getting a little heavy
     Your chocolate filling is oh so thrilling…
I love you so, Little Debbie

     D-E to the double B-I-E
And we won’t quit and we won’t stop
     New York tell me now are you ready to rock?

I like honey buns and I cannot lie
     And you other brothas can’t deny
Put the chocolate snack up in my face
     And it goes straight to my waist

I don’t like Tom’s can’t stand Lance
     The Keebler elves don't even stand a chance.
A pack of Nipchee? Playa please!
     Little D always brings me to my knees

So pick up that box and give it a shake
     and break me off a piece of that devil’s food cake

I did it all for the cookie, the cookie, the cookie!

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